Wallpaper Hanging

We also have an experienced paper hanger on our staff. Bob is a trained professional who does wallpaper hanging ONLY. Wallpaper hangers, or paperhangers, apply decorative fabric, vinyl or paper coverings to building interiors. Coverings are typically applied to the walls, but in some instances, they may also be applied to ceilings


Clients typically choose the type of wall covering they want. A paperhanger must then evaluate the room that is to receive the new covering. He will take precise measurements of the surface to be covered to determine how many rolls of wallpaper will be needed to complete the job. If the walls are already papered, it will be necessary to remove the old covering and prepare the surface to receive new paper. Uneven areas may need to be sanded, and damaged areas repaired. Depending on the choice of covering, it may be necessary to apply a wallpaper backing or sizing to the wall prior to hanging the paper. Paperhangers cut wallpaper into appropriate lengths, which requires making careful measurements and allowing for repeating patterns so that each strip will align properly with its neighbor. If the paper is prepasted, the paperhanger must moisten the glue to activate it. Otherwise, he must apply glue to the back of the wallpaper. He then places each strip on the wall, making sure each piece lies smoothly against the surface and that seams are even and smooth. He will then trim the wallpaper at baseboards and ceilings.